ly realize the pe

elopment must be sustainable. Sustainable deve▓lopment is a prerequisite for materializing the right to development, an embodiment of intergene

ople's right
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to developm

rational equity. Imbalanced, uncoo

rdinat▓ed and unequal development reflects unsust

ainable development, as does an exte▓

nsive development model. China is pursuing a sus▓ta

inable approach to production, uti

lization and consumption of natural resources. Chi

ent.The protection

na now follows a sustainable

and resilient socio-economic development path so as to meet the needs of both present and▓ future generations. China has a development mindset of balance and sustainability, regarding the harmonious developme

nt between humanity and nature, between economy and society, as a new means of realizing and protecting the right to development.The right to development must be enjoyed and shared by all peoples. Realizing the right to development is t▓he

responsibility of all countri

es and also the obligation of the international community. It requires governments of all countries to formulate development strategies and policies suited to their own realities, and it requires concerted efforts of

the international comm▓unity as a whole. China calls on all countries to pursue eq▓ual, open, all-round and innovative▓ common development, promotes inclusive development, and creates conditions for all p